Now, as I am getting older, I must admit that I am reconsidering my point of view. After a couple of kids, I have noticed that my boobs don’t fit that well in my bra anymore. They seem to have shrunk and changed shape, and it does not really look that attractive. Perhaps it is about time that I looked into surgery.


I have mentioned the problem to my husband. He thinks that I am making too big of a deal of my boobs. I am not sure if he is just trying to be nice or not. After all, when we met at London escorts agency, I had the perfect figure but all of that has changed now. I do look okay still but I think that there is an awful lot of things that has changed about my body. As a matter of fact, I am not sure how much I like my body anymore and I often worry that I don’t look that great.


It is true that your body changes as you get older. Your skin starts to look less great and it is hard to stay on top of your good looks. When I worked for London escorts, I used to go to the beautician about twice a week. Now, with two kids and a husband, I simply do not get the time to do. I am too buys looking after the home, kids and husband. There are times when I feel that I don’t know anything else than to look after my family.


Finding time to yourself as a young mum is not that easy. I thought that I would have lots of time to look after myself as well as the kids, but that is not true at all. When I worked for London escorts I was always able to set aside time for myself but that does not happen anymore. I am lucky if I can chill out with a glass of wine at the end of the day, and a yoga a couple of times per week. Otherwise my days seem to be full of shopping and looking after everyone else.


I do love my family like mad, and my husband is fabulous. Last year, he noticed that things were getting to me and he booked a holiday for the two of us in the Seyschelles. My mother-in-law looked after the kids for a week, and I put on my bikini and just relaxed with my husband for a week. It was fantastic and reminded me of when I first had left London escorts. All of those lazy mornings with breakfast in bed and great sex. When I came back, I did feel better but I have not been able to get really organized when it comes to looking after me. That is something that I am still working on and I suspect I will get there when the kids have grown up.…

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I wish I could tell her, but I am not so sure that she would understand. Okay, my mom is not prudish but at the same time I am not sure that she would agree with my career choice. It is so hard to find a job that pays well in London, and the moment, I am doing well at the escorts.

When I come off duty cheap escorts in London, I am rather tired. A couple of days per week, my mom helps me out so that I can get some sleep. I am actually a very lucky mom, and my little girl, Kara, just loves the nursery. When I come off the London escorts like night shift, I often pop her around to the nursery so that she can play with the other kids. Bless her, she is only three years old, and she is rather lively. I do love her company, and it is important that we spend together, but I need to earn money as well.

Most single mums in London are probably having a rather tough time, so this does not only apply to London escorts. I have a friend who works as an exotic dancer, and that involves a lot of late hours. Just like London escorts, many single exotic dancers around London are finding hard to keep up with their kids, and family is great, but so are nurseries. I know that most kids really like to go to nurseries and play. It teaches them great social kids, and when you have only one child, it is even more important.

The problem with London escorts is that the hours can be very long, and you feel guilty for working such long hours. Personally, I would rather have more time with my daughter, but I am very close to paying off the mortgage on our apartment. Once I have done that, I will leave London escorts and find another job so I can spend more time with my daughter. It will take me about another two years, but after that I should have enough money to do something different.

The only problem is that I never went to college, and the jobs I can get are not great. Also, I rather enjoy working for London escorts. To tell you the truth, there is one gent that I really fancy, and I would not be going out with him privately. He says that he likes kids, even though he does not have any, so it might work out. I do wish I had more money so I could do exactly what i want to do, but that is not going to be easy in this day and age. I am sure that many moms out there are struggling, and not only the single ones.…

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He started to talk about my work at West London escorts, and the fact that he did not feel that it was “in line” with his lifestyle. He wanted to have a girlfriend who he could take home to his mum and apparently I was not the right girl. What if I mentioned something about West London escorts or figured out that I worked for a West London escorts service? Okay, I was a bit taken back when he first started going on about his mum. He had never struck me as a mummy’s boy, but maybe I had been wrong all of this time. But then again, he could just be making an excuse to get out of the relationship with me, and move on with what he called an “ordinary” girl. I did know that this was the first time he had dated a girl who worked for a West London escorts service.


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I love to look after myself and I know that it is important to do so. Not only do you look good but you feel good about yourself as well. Most of the girls here at London escorts of have their own little beauty tips. To be honest, we don’t share them very often but all of our tips do work. Like so many other ladies across London, we are pretty pushed for time, so it is important that all of our beauty tips work and are effective at the same time.

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