How I Became Financially Free

Being an escort is not one of the jobs that any girl grows up dreaming of. As I constantly say, this is a job that I got into merely because I needed the money. I had heard about the stories of the exuberant amount
of money London escorts made.

And yes, it is all true; there is a lot of money to be made being made by women working as charlotte action escorts.

How I Got Into The Business
After I lost my job due to downsizing, a friend told me about these few dates that she had been on as an escort and had been paid handsomely. With my piling bills, I was not only curious but interested in being one of the charlotte action escorts. My first date was a complete thrill. I had to accompany this gentleman to a glamorous party held in one of the most elite laces in London. After only three hours in the party, I was paid 1500 pounds. I was beyond excited; this was a huge amount of money for me.

How The Escort World Works
I quickly learnt that just like any other job, London escorts had to make an investment in their career. From the three dates that I went on my first week, I bought some Gucci hoes and Valentino dresses. I had come to learn that being an escort required you to always look glamorous. Just like any transaction, the client expected value for their money.

For London escorts, dinners and parties are not the only places that a client may want companionship. There are instances where a client may want to be accompanied to a destination wedding, a business trip or
an out of town meeting. These are usually the best assignments since they pay really well.

How My Life Changed Financially.
From the first date I went on, my money problem started fading away. I was even able to move to a better neighborhood in London as I could afford it. Before getting into the London escort business, it was difficult saving up. There are clients who get very impressed by the company that I offer that they are willing to pay extra as some sort of tip. These ‘tips’ can even amount to 2000 pounds. In a good week I could make enough money to pay most of my bills and still have enough left to invest in a classy wardrobe. With the savings I had managed to make as one of the best London escorts, I was even up to date with my student loans.

How I Became Financially Stable.
Just like any other job, I worked hard. Sometimes I was very tired when I got a call from a client. I still freshened up and showed up. London escorts live a glamorous financially free life but it requires discipline in terms of spending. I ensured that I had paid all my debts to a point I was completely debt free. Most clients pay London escorts a monthly fee just to see them thrice a month. These monthly payments went directly to my savings account as the rest took care of my daily needs.

How To Continue Making Money As A London Escort
Understanding the different clients is key to pleasing them. Being one of the best London escorts, I have mastered this art and that is why I survived in the business for a long time and became financially free.

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