Is she my lover or my best friend

Recently lines have become a little bit blurred between me and my best friend. I have known Tina for about five years, and during that time we have become the best of friends at London escorts. Not all of the girls who work for London escorts get on that well with each other, but Tina and I seem to have hit off. I know that she is bisexual, and I don’t have an issue with that at all. However, recently I have found myself drawn more and more into her world. Last weekend, we had both taken a few days off from London escorts. I felt that I needed a break and so did Tina.

After checking out some special offers, I did found a break I thought would be right up our street. It was a Wowcher spa break at a top hotel and spa just outside of London. The weather had been terrible lately and it would just be nice to get away for a few days. I also needed a break from London escorts. For some reason, I had been exceptionally busy recently. Tina and I set off in my little car, and from the moment we got into the car, it felt really good. I don’t often drive outside of London, so after a few wrong turns, we ended up at the resort. We had laughed most of the way, and I must admit that it felt really good to get away from London escorts even if it was for a few days.

After having checked out our room, we went downstairs and booked ourselves in for a few spa treatments. Normally going for facials was just something we just did to look good for London escorts, but this was going to be a treat.I had shared a room with Tina before. When the silly season was over at London escorts we normally took a little break, so sleeping in the same room was not something new to us. But for some reason, things seemed different this time. Tina had ordered our usual bottle of champagne, and before I knew it, we were enjoying strawberries and champagne on the huge double bed. I started to feel more and more relaxed, and it was obvious that Tina felt the same way.As we were planning on going down to dinner soon, I had not bothered to get dressed. I had this routine which I had git into while working for London escorts. When I finished my shift at the charlotte escorts agency, I used to love to come home, put my track suit bottoms on and a little top.

This was what I had done now. I laid on my back in bed, and Tina was laid on her side. She was looking at me in a very loving way, and before I knew it, she started to caress my nipples in little circles. I was getting seriously turned on, and within moments we were kissing somewhat passionately. It was clear that the lines in our friendship was about to become seriously blurred. Did I care? I didn’t really, it just felt so good

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