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The Best Night In His Wheelchair-Bound Life

Mark had the bad luck of getting involved in an accident when he was young; the outcome was that his legs were paralyzed and could not move at all. This meant that he was to be confined to a wheelchair his entire life. He also grew up without ever having a girlfriend; he was shy and he never attracted attention.

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In no time, he had prematurely ejaculated. On seeing this, the escort told him that it was normal and that she was going to take him for a ride to heaven. Since Mark was lame, she let him lie on the bed facing up while she slid on top. Slowly she inserted his giant cock into her vagina and started moving in a circular way. What a reaction from Mark! He could be heard speaking in tongues from this first-time experience. The escort increased the pace and took his cock fully. She too was enjoying it and the moans from her just made Mark crazy with passion.

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