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I used to live in Birmingham before I moved down to London and joined Putney escorts of When I lived in Birmingham, I had a lot of friends in the Indian community, and many of the girls find love through arranged marriages. It was not something that I personally believed in, but I have started to wonder. Many of the girls seem to be very happy in their marriages, and I wonder if it better to have an arranged marriage than a mad passionate love affair.

My friends who have ended in arranged marriages, seem to be a lot happier than the girls who have left Putney escorts to get married. Some of the marriages we have seen here at Putney escorts have fallen apart and it did not take very long for them to do so. In fact, it seemed that once the romance was over, the marriage was over as well. A divorce quickly followed and often the girl was back working for Putney escorts again.

My Indian friends who got married back in Birmingham do not seem to have the same problem. They are still married and none of them have been through divorce court. It really makes you wonder if the Indian system with arranged marriages is not a better idea after all. You may not be passionately in love when you marry, but most of the girls that I have spoken to, say that they have learned to love their husbands. Perhaps that is a better way to find love.

I have met a lot of nice guys during my time here in London, but I have not met the right man for me yet. Falling in love is great and I do really get a kick out of falling in love. But coming from a broken home, means that I am not in a hurry at all. When I meet the right, I would certainly be prepared to leave Putney escorts, but I am not going to marry someone I am JUST in love with. No, this would have to be something deeper.

Am I looking for commitment? Ultimately, that is what I think that we should all be looking for when it comes to love and relationships. It is all very well to get married when you are madly in love, but you need to ask yourself if that relationship is going to last in the long term. From what I have seen here at Putney escorts, I am not so sure. I am going to hold out for the right man, and make sure that we have a good thing going on before we marry each other. Examine your feelings before you marry, and make sure you have some terms and conditions ready for your partner – a bit like an Indian marriage. It seems to work, and I really do think that we have something to learn from this culture. Nothing like a bit of cultural exchange.

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